Farzan Chemical Industries Co. History
Establishment, Technical evolution and Technologic development

Farzan Chemical Industries Co. was established in the environs of Takestan (150 km west of Tehran) in 2003. Activities of this company began producing and offering chemical products with premium quality and international standards with formulation of Vulcan Petrochem Ltd.  in England with the brand name of Ecco V. After packaging unit establishment in 2003, at first company activities was restricted to blending and packing. In 2007, the activity developed to produce anti-freeze, coolant fluids, glass cleaner and other industrial detergents. In addition heat transfer lubricants were included of other productions of this company in that time.

Productions improvement to engine, industrial and gear lubricants

In 2010, the production of engine, industrial and gear oils was added to company’s products, which were formulated according to Vulcan Petrochem Ltd.  With establishment of big storage oil tanks in the factory, it was possible to store over 2000 tones raw materials.

Designing and producing lubricants was continued with developing trend, so as the present annual products capacity of company is 15000 tones different types of products.
From 2013, in continuation of research activities, this complex’s staff was succeeded in designing engine products with the highest quality level in the world. All the utilized additives are from the most credible American and European additive suppliers. Currently, all the engine products until the API SN level, and all the diesel products until the CJ-4 PLUS level are producible. This improvement has been made in all the industrial and engine oils with different grades and quality levels, and now this company has preparation for producing any customized and special lubricants according to customer test plan and national and international standards. This company’s engine products are confirmed by big companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Renault, MAN, Mack. All the products are according to the newest international standards requirements such as ACEA, API, and DIN.

The exploitation of Farzan Chemical Industries was begun under the license number of certification no. : 52363/127 , date: March 18, 2013 issued by ministry of industries, mines and trade with producing of 15000 tones oil and anti-freeze a year.

Policy and standards

This company’s policy is stable based on product quality in order to improve customer’s satisfaction level, prevent of environmental contaminations and comply with laws and regulations of safety and occupational hygiene. Farzan Chemical Industries pursue products development by increasing research in order to achieve to new products technologies of lubricants and industrial detergents.